Microsoft might Buy EA Sports

If you have ever wanted some “big news” well here is some big new. Even though right now it is just a supposed “rumor”, the news is still rather shocking. The word on the streets of New York is that Microsoft is possibly interested in purchasing the huge game publisher of Electronic Arts, or more commonly known as EA Sports.

This claim will probably remain a claim for quite a long time. However, when word of Microsoft’s possible deal reached the public, Electronic Arts received a 4 percent boost in sales. I can not even begin to think about how huge this deal would be. There would be Xbox exclusives for Electronic Arts which would definitely boost the Microsoft sales.

However, until one of these companies, either Microsoft or Electronic Arts, makes it official, it is not worth getting very worked up about. If this were really to happen, it would probably not be any time in the very near future.

When this rumor was first heard of an Electronic Arts representative was supposedly not available for a comment. Also, a Microsoft representative declined to comment. But recently an Electronic Arts representative said, “We do not comment on speculation about our business.”


New iPod Touch

In the previous week, Apple announced that there will be a new upcoming version of the iPod Touch. Not only will these new models have a higher storage capacity, but they will also be up to fifty percent faster than the previous iPod Touch. MacWorldran a couple of benchmarks that are for this claim. Dan Frake wrote for this site:

“For gamers, the more exciting improvement is that the 32GB and 64GB models are allegedly 50 percent faster than the second-generation models and include support for OpenGL ES 2.0, which provides advanced graphics capabilities to mobile devices. Just as the iPhone 3GS was faster than the iPhone 3G at everything, the new iPod touch feels much faster at any task you throw at it: applications launch (and quit) faster, Web pages load more quickly, processor-intensive games and programs perform better — you name it.”

The improved performance will be even more apparent as more OpenGL ES 2.0 games come out. Although the iPod Touch’s improvements will probably keep it on top as the best out of all media players, tough competition has arrived. Microsoft’s Zune HD is definitely going to be a hit. One thing that I think iPod Touch really needs to ensures its reign at the top is to have camera functionality. This would make it the ultimate media player.

Top 25 Consoles of All-Time

What would you say as the top ten game consoles of all time? The following list is what was made up and voted upon by a very large group of people. Do you agree or disagree with them?

25. Magnavox Odyssey: Manufacturer: Magnavox | Release Year: 1972

24. Atari Jaguar: Manufacturer: Atari Corp. | Release Year: 1993

23. Atari 5200: Manufacturer: Atari Inc. | Release Year: 1982

22. 3DO: Manufacturer: Panasonic | Release Year: 1993

21. Magnavox Odyssey 2: Manufacturer: Magnavox | Release Year: 1978

20. SEGA Master System: Manufacturer: SEGA | Release Year: 1986

19. NeoGeo: Manufacturer: SNK | Release Year: 1990

18. SEGA Saturn: Manufacturer: SEGA | Release Year: 1995

17. Atari 7800: Manufacturer: Atari Corp. | Release Year: 1986

16. Nintendo GameCube: Manufacturer: Nintendo | Release Year: 2001

15. PlayStation 3: Manufacturer: Sony | Release Year: 2006

14. Intellivision: Manufacturer: Mattel | Release Year: 1979

13. TurboGrafx-16: Manufacturer: NEC Corporation | Release Year: 1989

12. Colecovision: Manufacturer: Coleco | Release Year: 1982

11. Xbox: Manufacturer: Microsoft | Release Year: 2001

10. Nintendo Wii: Manufacturer: Nintendo | Release Year: 2006

9. Nintendo 64: Manufacturer: Nintendo | Release Year: 1996

8. Dreamcast: Manufacturer: SEGA | Release Year: 1999

7. PlayStation: Manufacturer: Sony | Release Year: 1995

6. Xbox 360: Manufacturer: Microsoft | Release Year: 2005

5. SEGA Genesis: Manufacturer: SEGA | Release Year: 1989

4. Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES): Manufacturer: Nintendo | Release Year: 1991

3. PlayStation 2: Manufacturer: Sony | Release Year: 2000

2. Atari 2600: Manufacturer: Atari Inc. | Release Year: 1977

1. Nintendo Entertainment System (NES): Manufacturer: Nintendo | Release Year: 1985

Top 5 Stories of the Week

If your past week has been a little bit too busy to keep up with all the important gaming information, then continue reading. These are the five biggest gaming stories that occured in the past week.

5. The game Batman: Arkham Asylum sets a Guinness record (August 28th) – This game received the title of ‘Most Critically Acclaimed Superhero Game Ever’. With a score of 91.67, it beat out Marvel vs. Capcom 2 which only averaged a score of 90.

4. A lot of stores are already selling the PS3 Slim (August 25th) – Although the planned date for the PlayStation 3 to be released to the public was supposed to be September 1st, many retail stores already began to sell them. The were able to do this because the delivery trucks dropped them off early.

3. Halo series may not be done yet (August 26th) – Bungie earlier had said that Halo: Reach was going to be the end of the Halo series. However, recent comments have led people to believe that they are not going to be done.

2. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 gets dualies. (August 24th) – Many of you are familiar with dual-wielding. For those of you who aren’t, you will learn to love it.

1. Price cut on the Xbox 360 (August 27th) – Responding to Sony’s price cut on the PS3, Microsoft matched the same price at $299.99.

Console Price Cuts

Things are about to get very interesting. Just three days ago Sony announced their one hundred dollar price cut for the PlayStation 3. Due to this recent price cut, Microsoft may feel threatened. They have apparently made a price cut of their own. This price cut is for the Xbox 360 Elite. The Kotaku reports were made concerning the August 30th Wal-Mart catalogue. This catalogue showed the 120GB Elite on sale for the same price as the PlayStation 3, $299. If you are one of those prospective shoppers that believes this is just some prank to mess with your mind, you are wrong. The one hundred dollar off ad was not only the first one. There is also another Wal-Mart ad that has reported to price cut. This makes for at least two different ads with this price cut causing people to know that this is not a trick. With two different gaming consoles being made available at such a low reasonable price, we are now going to be able to see Sony and Microsoft battle it out to see who can achieve console domination. Amazingly, one buyer could go out and buy both consoles, the Xbox 360 Elite and the PlayStation 3, for the same price that the PlayStation 3 was originally going to be sold at.

Motion Control Isn’t For Everyone

Motion controlled gaming is not exactly a big deal to all types of gamers. There are many reasons people enjoy them, and then again, there are many reasons a gamer would rather just sit there with a standard controller and minimal movement. With Sony and Microsoft focusing greatly on this new technology and Nintendo simply expanding upon their current system we are leaving the door wide open in PC gaming.

My personal take on motion control is that it’s not that big of a deal at it’s current place. If I’m with friends, I’d enjoy playing with a motion control just to make the experience more of a loose, fun time. I don’t mind getting up and swinging the bat, driving the car, or shooting the enemy when I’m with friends; however, when I am alone and interested in some serious gaming, the Wii fails.

Sony and Microsoft will be able to fix the first issue. Graphics. The Wii’s graphics are terrible. It’s a childish interface to go along with the motion controls. I can’t see how a hardcore gamer would be interested in playing the games the motion control was made for. From the lazy point of view we see people playing video games to sit back and relax. If somebody wanted to go swing a golf club or swing a bat, they’d go outside and do it. When they are playing video games they just like to sit back and relax, not get up and work a sweat.

At it’s current place in time, it’s not ready to be a focal point. When I see a motion control system make my first person shooter experience more real I will go into it full force. Until I can play a first person shooter with a more realistic gameplay, I don’t think motion controls are a practical use for the money and attention it’s getting. Will I buy the Xbox 360’s new motion control system? Yes.

E3 Live: Microsoft

E3 is going on this week, and today was Microsofts turn. They kicked it off with what might be a bit of a disappointment. Sure we learned of another Halo game to go along with Halo ODST, but we didn’t really get anything new. We saw more from Call of Duty 6, we saw a crackdown 2, a Left for Dead 2, and a few other mediocre games coming out with yet another sequel. Nothing huge, nothing worth getting.

Some of the bigger announcements were not actually games. Facebook and twitter profiles are somehow going to be merged into an Xbox Live compatible form so that we can do something with them. I’m not too sure what the point behind this is to be honest. I sure don’t want random people being able to get my facebook from my gamercard. Another thing that was rather interesting was this new internet radio service that is going to be available on our Xbox Gold accounts. Now instead of listening to the same default music that the games have, we can easily listen to a giant playlist of songs without wasting hard drive space (for those of us still on premium 10gb hard drives).

Not to excited for the upcoming months on the Xbox 360. Looks like I might migrate towards some sports games or possibly some RPGs such as Fallout 3 for the summer. Nothing big was announced for the mid-summer like I was hoping. I’ll get you guys updated on release dates and such as E3 winds down.