Free Golden Lancer Assault Rifle for GoW2

So you didn’t get the version that came with the golden lancer but you really want one? Well you’re in luck because you can get them for free! This may not be the newest of news, but to some of you, it’ll be just want you were looking for. Don’t purchase the code for $30 on ebay, and don’t let your friends do that either.

For your free golden lancer assault rifle go to xbox marketplace and sign in. It will then download on your xbox the next time you turn it on.

If you are afraid this is a phishing attempt and too good to be true, simply go to and log in. Then click refresh on the link I sent you and you will appear logged in. Then just download it. Trust me, I was a bit nervous myself when downloading it.


Grand Theft Auto IV and Free Microsoft Points

    What could be better than getting free microsoft points and a copy of a potential game of the year nominee Grand Theft Auto IV? Head on over to your local Game store and reserve your copy of Grand Theft Auto IV
and you will receive 500 free microsoft points coutouesy of Rockstar Games.

As an added bonus, with the game and the free microsoft points  you will receive four exclusive gamer pictures. While these may not be something for you, there are those of you out there that will enjoy both the rarity of these and enjoy representing GTA: IV.

Free Microsoft Points: Points Awarded

For anybody who has signed up on Rewards to earn free microsoft points post here. I am just curious if any of the readers who come here to read about my guide on how to get free microsoft points actually favorite my site, or revisit it at a different date. There may be a contest giving away a code for 1,600 points soon.

To those of you who may be a little bit skeptical about the service, there is no reason to be. They will send you your free microsoft points, free xbox live gold cards, or whatever product you decide to take as your reward.


Here is my email from them. They sent it to me the day after I gave them the points for my 1,600 free microsoft points. They were quick, and the code was valid. I successfully changed my gamertag and downloaded the new halo maps.

Again leave a comment. If you are a member of rewards1 and signed up through my post, please leave your member id which can be found in your profile on rewards1. This ID will show me if you signed up with me as your referral. If you did, you will be eligible for the contest, so stay tuned.

Guide to Free Xbox Live Memberships

If you’ve read my previous post the offer is currently down. Whether it is simply done being offered or just a temporary failure I feel the urge to let you know of another way you can get free xbox live gold memberships. This way requires a small amount of work, but instead of a two day trail, you get a free one month xbox live gold membership, or even longer depending on how long you need it.

First you need an account. Head on over to the Rewards website and sign up for your free account. I suggest creating a new free yahoo email just to use in the offers. This will divert the spam mail, and you’ll never have to deal with it again. (read this post for information and link)

After you’ve got your account set up head over to the site and log in. Click on “available offers” then I suggest selecting “free” offers. Most of these offers a pretty easy to complete. All you have to do is enter your email and a fake address and you will be ready to go. Once you receive 800 credits you will be able to recieve a free one month xbox live gold membership which can be sent to your email, or if you keep going and get 2000 credits you will be eligible for a free three month xbox live gold membership. If you don’t want another Xbox live account you can get 1,600 free microsoft points for only 2000 credits.. Also with only 5000 credits you earn 4,000 free microsoft points. and the different prizes you can choose from goes on and on.

I have received many of these offers over the course of a month. I enjoy being able to simply fill out a few boxes and then receive my free xbox live gold membership. You can get many other things here. You can even get games if you decide to save up enough. They are only 5900 credits. So simply sign up and start getting free xbox live gold membership.

If you sign up for this don’t forget to check out the follow-up post including a list of a bunch of offers that only require an email address for you to be credited. It will get you closer to your free xbox live gold membership. These are the easiest offers to get you mere points away from your reward.

Guide to Free Microsoft Points

If you haven’t read my previous guide on how to get free Microsoft Points then I highly suggest doing so. With all the traffic I’ve received to my site thanks to that previous post I plan to put a list here of some of the easier offers. Offers that can get you very close to your first prize in about 10 minutes if completed. These may not all still be offered when you read this, but look for them.

Just enter your email or other quick answer:

Alliance for Climate Protection 0.35

Predicto Mobile – Cell Submit (no pin, doesn’t need to be your cell) 0.35

RemedyLife 0.5

Popeyes Chicken Premium 0.4

Autumn Cookbook 0.5

$100 Red Lobster Gift Card 0.45

Free Hot Chocolate 0.35

XBox 360 Halo 0.6

COB: Target GC 0.25

BigWin: Laptop 0.3

That is a total of 4.05 points. There are many other offers you can complete to earn your free Microsoft Points. That is just a list of a few of the very simple 10 second offers that will get you some points. Please leave comments on this post with other simple offers where you just enter your email address so I can keep expanding this list. As I discover new easy offers I will continue to edit this list. So good luck getting your free Microsoft Points.