I will include some of the must see videos about gamers on this page. They will be anything from captured clips to extreme gamers. Comments are welcome if you have a video you think is good enough to be here.

I plan to run montage contests. It won’t be anything big, I’m thinking maybe a $2 entry fee through Paypal and we wait until 20 people sign up for the contest. If you are unable to pay through Paypal I will pay for your entrance. Now you know I cannot afford this especially since nobody would be willing to actually pay if I paid for some peoples. So if you are unable to pay, I will buy your montage, or clip from you to post on a site. This would mean you lose your copyrights of the video and no longer can publish it elsewhere

At a 90% payout the winner would receive at least $36 if we received 20 entries, and so on. Once again, if you cannot receive payments for this I can use your money to buy you Microsoft points, xbox live points, game subscriptions to online sites, and just about anything virtual. You will see more information regarding this probably when I purchase the real domain for this site.


3 Responses to “Montages”

  1. James Leap Says:

    i would like 4000 micrsoft points please

  2. Spencer B Says:

    Can I Have 2100 Microsoft Points Please

  3. Korey B Says:

    may I Have 2100 Microsoft Points Please

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