Tetris Party Deluxe

Coming out recently for the Nintendo Wii was the game known as Tetris Party Deluxe. The date at which this game is going to be available is starting this Tuesday, May 25th. Having been published by Majesco, this game is just a newer version of the previous game Tetris Party. There have been some newly added game modes and features so that the gaming experience of this one is completely different. Six entirely new game modes have been incorperated into this game. Some of these modes are Bombliss and VS. Sprint which is where you can play with as many as four players and try to be the first one that finishes 40 lines. If you like to play multiplayer modes, there are plenty of opportunities to play with other people in this game. You can either play locally against your friends and family or you can go against people online with the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. All sorts of different methods can be used to play such as the Wii Balance Board, Wii Wheel and others.

Make sure to look into more details about this game some time before it releases this Tuesday.

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Track Mania Wii

Coming out soon for the Nintendo Wii is a game that is known as Track Mania Wii. The release datea that has been chosen for this game has been picked for this upcoming Tuesday, May 18th. In this game you will have control over cars as they go high speed through a bunch of ramps, loops, turbo boosts and other obstacles on the many various tracks. There are more than 200 tracks that are available to race on and also there is a ton of different game modes to play. It does not matter which game control system you choose to use whether it is the Wiimote and nunchuck, your game pad or your Wii Wheel.

This game has the mode of the track editor. In this mode you will have the chance to create and save a lot of various tracks which you have personalized with your own flavor. After creating them you have the ability to share them with your friends with the Wi Fi connection that Nintendo has. Some multiplayer modes are available as well which allows for you to play up against your friends either locally or against some one across the globe.

Make sure to look in to this game some time if you get the chance before it releases on Tuesday.

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Coming out for the Nintendo Wii is the game, Satisfashion. This game, that has been developed by TechFront, is a game that will be releasing on the date of May 10, 2010. In this game you will be playing as the character, Grace Styles. Your mission is to lead a team of Satisfashion Design House as you try to make your way up to the top of the fashion industry. Make your very own new trends with fashion that include the best make up and models. Strut your stuff on all of the different runways through out the world. Every time you make a new decision or have a new idea of a fashion trend, it will effect your trip to the top of the fashion world.

The folloing are a couple of the features that you will find in the game:

  • All of the fashion shows will each have their own theme. Change your clothes and make up according to what the theme is for that show.
  • The dress up mode creates an untimed, unstressful mode of play where you can test out your looks and styles.
  • Impress your buyers by putting your own personality into all of your trends.

Make sure to check out this game some time soon.

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All Star Karate

Coming out for the Nintendo Wii is the game, All Star Karate. This game will be available starting tomorrow, Tuesday, April 20th. In this game, that has been published by THQ, you are going to follow the life of a novice of martial arts. He soon finds himself coming up face to face with a karate master. This master of karate takes time to teach you all of the various techniques and tricks of karate. He helps to guide you to earn your black belt.

Many different game modes are available to play. In the career mode, a single player mode, you will attempt to master a number of different karate moves using the Wii Remote and Nunchuck, or two Wii Remotes. Try to earn all seven of the colored belts including the highest one, the black belt. Also, challenge mode is where you can show off all of the new great moves you have attained as you go up against your friend. Finally, the Kata Editor mode will allow for you to create your very own moves to perform.

Make sure to look into this game when it comes out starting tomorrow.

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Disney’s Guilty Party

Coming out some time for the Nintendo Wii is the game, Disney’s Guilty Party. This game is a game that is going to be available to purchase some time before the end of the year of 2010 and it has been developed by Wideload Games. With in the game you will search for clues and play some mini games in order to help solve the mysterious crimes. The crimes are all pretty silly such as “Who Stole My Pudding?”

The following is a preview of this family game:

“There is a party on my Wii and everybody is invited!  The party in this case is Disney’s Guilty Party, a new family friendly mystery infused game for the Wii.  This is the first title by Wideload Games post-acquisition by Disney, and immediately, you can see how in sync the project is with Disney’s vision.  Individual characters look and feel like Disney mainstays which are accessible, fun and inoffensive, while the game itself offers plenty of fun “crime” solving mini-games for kids of all ages.”

Make sure to keep checking for the release date on this great game.

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Metroid: Other M Description

The following is a look at the description for Metroid: Other M which is a game that will be coming out for the Nintendo Wii:

“While much of the game is reminiscent of 2-D side scrollers, players can switch the perspective into 3-D at any time as they explore the twisting passages of a derelict space station and delve deep into a cinematic, never before told story of bounty hunter Samus Aran’s past. This new approach uses a new control scheme in which players use the Wii Remote controller held sideways to battle enemies and navigate the expansive, gorgeous environments in classic Metroid fashion, then aim at the screen with the Wii Remote pointer to blast foes in first-person and hunt the world for clues and hidden passages.”

In some way, they have said that this game is going to be both a 2-D and a 3-D Metroid game which is very interesting. What ideas can you take from this description of the game? Does it look like some thing that you are interested in playing?

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Best Reviewed Wii Games Right Now

These are the 14 games that are currently the top reviewed games for the Nintendo Wii which are followed by their release dates and ratings:

1. Sonic & Knuckles (released Feb. 22, 2010; rated 9.0)
2. Tales of Monkey Island — Chapter 5: Rise of the Pirate God (released Feb. 10, 2010; rated 8.1)
3. Super Smash Bros. (released Feb. 4, 2010; rated 8.0)
4. Sonic & Sega All-Star Racing (released Feb. 23, 2010; rated 8.0)
5. Super Monkey Ball: Step & Roll (released Feb. 11, 2010; rated 7.8)
6. Pilotwings (released Feb. 3, 2010; rated 7.5)
7. Street Fighter II: Champion Edition (released Jan. 25, 2010; rated 7.0)
8. Shiren the Wanderer (released Feb. 9, 2010; rated 7.0)
9. Endless Ocean: Blue World (released Feb. 22, 2010; rated 7.0)
10. Blaster Master Overdrive (released Feb. 16, 2010; rated 6.5)
11. Muscle March (released Jan. 2, 2010; rated 6.1)
12. Ninja Gaiden (released Feb. 27, 2010; rated 5.0)
13. Data East Arcade Classics (released Feb. 16, 2010; rated 5.0)
14. Moki Moki (released Jan. 26, 2010; rated 5.0)

When picking out which Nintendo Wii games you should purchase, it is often difficult to narrow down your choices. Looking at this list, you can notice that these 14 games would all be a great option for you to choose because they have all received pretty decent ratings. Which one of these games have you tried? Would you suggest those games to other people? Make sure to check out some of the games that you haven’t played yet.

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