What is a NOOB?

What exactly is a “noob”?

well I have heard a lot of things about what a noob actually is. I have heard things from, people that are new to things to the well-known use for them, in online game play for people that just plain suck at the game.

I myself do not use this word because i think it is stupid, because everybody interprets it in a different way. I might say you are a noobie at this game but I am just saying your not the best.

I have also figured out that the word “Newbie” was used among the United States Army for new recruits to the army. Pretty weird huh?

So basically what i’m trying to say is that if you are being called a noob or newb the you might be doing something wrong.


How to Tell If You’re a Noob At Halo

    How would one know if they are considered a noob at halo? There are hundreds of different definitions of what a noob is, and how one should consider whether or not one is a noob. This is generally what I go by, and is as accurate as you can get.

As you are probably aware there are some ranks you don’t have to become. Major grade 3, Colonel grade 2, and any of the other ranks where you are being held back because your highest game rank isn’t up to par with what you need to move up. Most common example is brigadier. To become a brigadier you must have 500 exp and a level 45 in any game mode. If you pass the 500 exp it will not let you move up without the level 45. If you hit 600 exp before you hit level 45 you become a colonel grade 2.

Hitting an unnecessary  rank is what I consider to be a noob. Granted that of course you don’t only play one game mode. You get experience for social, which could cause a large inflation because you are getting experience and not able to move up. Your goal should be to move up as fast as possible. If you aren’t playing ranked, then there is a little exception; however you are still meriting the noob title.

Then of course there is basically the standard everybody under lets say 20. If you cannot hit a level 20 in any ranked game mode, you are a noob. Once you get some skill you can easily move your ranks in every game above this mark in practically 20 games. If you can’t reach this, you’re a noob.

What is your opinion on what makes a noob?

Lag: Notice It or Not, It’s There

    Lag, commonly given as an excuse in a game. What is lag? Lag is when somebodies connection to the host of the game is not good. It causes a short lag (delay) in the gameplay which is often complained about. While Halo 2 was infamous for the laggy games, it’s there in every game.

Most people only experience it once in a while. This would be in the games where everybody is lagging terribly due to a terrible host connection. This is inevitable. I’m writing this post to tell you guys, there is lag in every game.

Now you can’t go around saying, you only killed me because I lagged. This is complete bullshit. You most likely were not lagging. I’ve been playing with people all the time when they say the lag is bad, yet I never used to notice it. It was something I always let go as thinking, this person is just making up excuses.

The other day I was alerted my NAT was changed to moderate. There are three different NAT settings, open, which is ideal, moderate, and closed. If you are moderate or closed then you will have many problems connecting with certain people, hearing people, or lag. It is nearly impossible to change this because it takes a very computer literate person to do this. I consider myself way over knowledgeable with computers yet a step by step guide was very confusing. Routers are one of the problems.

Ok, what does this have to do with the lag? Well until you experience playing games with people whose NAT is open when yours is set at moderate or closed you will have no idea. You will shoot people longer, and hit them numerous times and your beat down is still out powered by theres. It will seem as though every beat down is very slow. Your shots will lag, your stickies will lags majorly and at times go through people.

This won’t happen in every game, because each new host brings on a new set of difficulties. Most games you will be fine for the most part. You may notice a few instances of minimal lag, but when shots and grenades go through people you’ll see the seriousness of it.

I just wanted to write this post to let you all know, it’s in every game, in some form. Just keep your eyes open to the idea that your opponent may actually be lagging as they claim. If you are the one lagging you will realize the frustration that occurs through this. To fix your lag problems, you need to fix your connection. This is no easy task, personally I’m just going to buy an Xbox Live compatible router.

Beginners Guide to Halo 3 Weapons

So you just bought halo and maybe it is your first ever xbox 360 game. This is my guide on how to use and effectively master each of the halo 3 guns.

To start off you must learn the basics of each gun, and what types of guns you will need. You can carry two guns, but you usually will start off with an assault rifle and no back up.

The gun you will need to master to become a 1337 halo player in the future will be the battle rifle, commonly referred to as the “BR”. This is a three shot burst gun that will kill the enemy with three bursts to the head. The mag size of this gun is large enough to hold rounds to kill three enemies if you hit their heads.

Another two commonly used guns are very similar. They are the shotgun and mauler. The maulers are a bit less powerful, but they are dual-wield able. Simply get near your opponent and shoot once and they should die, however they don’t always die if you’re not close enough so right after you shoot hit the melee button and they will die. The best one-two punch in halo.

The sniper rifle is a very nice weapon to learn how to use. There are both the human sniper and alien sniper called the beam rifle. Unlike games like cod4 and gears of war you have a steady aim. The guns sites won’t be moving around so you can successfully hit them in the head every time once you get good. It holds four shots, so you can kill four people with head shots without reloading, or two people with body shots without reloading.

The needler has changed a lot since halo 2. In halo 2 they were dual-wield able and they were rather weak guns. In halo 3 you can no longer dual-wield them, and they kill your enemy much faster. This gun will beat the assault rifle any time provided you are both hitting each other for the same amount of time.

The SMG which is the halo 2 default gun, took a giant loss of power in halo 3. It is still a gun that you can  dual-wield though. You pretty much have to dual-wield this, and even then it’s pretty hard to get kills with it. My suggestion is to not even bother picking one of these up.

The plasma pistol is commonly used in a sequence of moves called the “noob combo”. What happens is you charge up the plasma pistol all the way by holding down the right trigger, and then shooting it at the enemy. It will hit them and completely remove their shields making a melee, or quick switch of guns and one shot possible. Unlike in halo 2 you cannot dual-wield it anymore because it was too powerful and easy to use like that. My advice, do not use this.

The  brue shot has become a lot less powerful than in halo 2, but it still is an amazing gun. For the most part a melee will kill them even if they have full shields, and other times I find that it doesn’t. My advice with this gun is to use it when there are a crowd of people. You’re not going to kill a kill if you don’t shot the entire set of grenades out though. Don’t be afraid to run out of ammo simply shot all the grenades loaded and if they are still alive finish them off with a BR.

The covenant carbine is very similar to the BR in power. It is single shot, but has distance and a scope. It has the fastest rate of fire for any rifle gun you get in this game. For the most affective results you must aim for the head, although if your not getting head shots it will still beat any assault rifle.

The energy sword is one of the favorite weapons of noobs and people who are in the process of becoming a respectable opponent. The reason being is that you will lunge forward and stab them. It will kill them in the first stab 90% of the time. Provided you are on a map where you don’t have long distances to run you can camp in corners and behind doorways to get some easy kills. It is more of a noob weapon as most 1337 people will not use it very often to try to keep it out of their “weapon of destruction” in the ending stats and on Bungie.

The gravity hammer is similar in strategy to the energy sword. It is a one hit kill. By hit I mean the hammer has to hit them, if it doesn’t they will lose their shield, and you can finish them off in the way of your choice. Not much strategy to this one, pick up and swing at opponents.

The magnum is that sweet pistol you get in halo 1 with the scope. Well in halo 3 it is garbage. The only use it has is in the campaign, but even then I wouldn’t suggest using it. This gun has little power and a rather slow rate of fire.

The plasma rifle is the covenants version of the SMG. It is much more powerful though, and it can actually be pretty deadly if you dual-wield it. If you have to dual-wield a rifle I would suggest using this one. Be careful though these things have very little range, and I don’t see why they are called a rifle. These are very good guns to melee your opponent with.

The rocket launcher. Yes, sadly Bungie had to put the rocket launcher into the game like every other FPS game out there has. They did take out the vehicle lock-on though. That was given to the missile pod. It’s the same as every other game, shoot it at the ground near them and they will die. Be careful not to kill your own team mates though.

The spartan laser is one of the funnest, and most powerful additions to halo 3. You have about a three second “charging” period before it will release. If you master this gun you will be a deadly opponent on maps like High Ground and Snowbound. Hitting vehicles with this gets you a free double or triple kill. That is also an achievement. Basically just use the scope and camp at a distance to use this.

The last gun, the spiker, is probably one of the least common guns in the game. I rarely see anybody use them, and for good reason. They are less powerful than your starting gun so why pick them up? You can make a pretty decent combo by dual-wielding them, but other than that I suggest passing them up.

The guns will be located in the same place on all ranked game maps. Find the locations of all the guns you will need and you will be set. At the beginning of games there will be a mad rush to certain weapons, so you may want to stand back a ways leaving yourself an exit, and throw grenades to kill your opponent who is going for the weapon.

Many weapons will work great in a grenade shot combo. To learn about grenades and how to effectively use them look for my grenade guide.


You’ve played halo, call of duty, or any other multi player online game and you see somebody crouching and standing up on your head after your dead. Well most of you know what this is, it’s called t-bagging. It is used to replicate a certain part of a guy, going into your face. While this may be considered rude, disgusting, or even horrific, it has become part of the game. I know many people are highly against the t-bag, but it’s a part of the game and any real gamer will t-bag their opponents. Whether it is out of strategy, or they just want you to taste it, it’s part of the game.

Now there are the people who sit there and will t-bag your body for ever and end up getting killed by you when you come back, and then there are those of you that give it one thrust and leave. There is a wrong and right time for a t-bag as well as an accepted amount of times that it should be repeated.

To start off, the acceptable number is three. Not three up and down fast t-bags, rather three full crouch and released t-bags. This is hardly enough time to be killed by the guy you just killed, it shows you are committed, and their screen will only show them being t-bagged for their five second respawn. What fun is it if they cannot see it? I will get a video of a proper t-bag once I get it uploaded onto my computer. To add more fun to it you can melee the back of their bodies and it will make their body jerk around.

Lastly when to do it, and when not to do it. There are many times it is not very smart to t-bag your opponent. When it is a close game above thirty-five of the fifty kills and it’s within five points don’t risk it when out in the open. If you get a kill with the plasma rifle (aka the noob combo), the shotgun, or the molar you have no right to t-bag as who can’t get a kill with that? If your team is getting completely pwnd you cannot because face it, they’ve been handing it to you all game.

Granted these are rules regarding the halo series, but can easily be changed to suit any game. Thirty-five kills is approximately 75% of the kills in a game. So take that with the score of your game of choice and that transfers. As for guns, anything that noobs use to try to break even in their k/d such as shotguns and rocket launchers don’t get the right to t-bag.

Hopefully this guide shows you the correct time, and format of the t-bag. Now get out there and make your opponents taste it.