Gears of War: Dark Corners

Gears of War: Dark Corners is coming out July 28th to the Xbox Live Marketplace. These are the map sets I told you about that include a few new maps along with a few older maps that you had to have got a code for with the release of the game. These maps won’t revive the game and they won’t bring much of a stir. The game failed the week it came out.

The only thing enticing about this is the fact that they are adding to the campaign. So essentially to know the continued story line we will need to buy this as I doubt it will ever go free. Without knowing the storyline we don’t really know how the game ends. With a disappointing sequel, I don’t think I care what happens.


Gears of War 2 Addon

July 28th we will see Microsoft release the Gears of War 2 addon that will include nineteen maps and a single player mission. Before you get too excited, there are not nineteen new ones. It will include the maps in the Flashback Map Pack, Snowblind Map Pack, and Combustible Map Pack. That leaves seven completely new maps for us to enjoy.

The price for all of this is going to be $20 I believe. This is an amazing deal because you’ll get at least twelve new maps if you’ve gotten none of the map packs yet and a new campaign mission. I will certainly consider purchasing this and enlivening my interest in the game once again. Whether it actually succeeds in doing that, I doubt, but with all the fun I had in the original Gears of War, I can only hope.

Gears of War Snowblind DLC Available

Get the new Gears of War 2 maps today! They are 800 microsoft points and will hopefully add a lot of the much needed enjoyable gameplay to the struggling second title in the series. I am not going to be download these maps because I’m no longer playing the game. I haven’t played it since the month it released because I wasn’t a fan of it.

Give me a review of the new DLC along with any complaints or compliments about the game, staff, or series itself.

Gears of War: The Movie

The fact that the Gears of War games are being made into movies is nothing real new. Just though I’d update you guys on the creators and a bit more into detail than the fact that it’s being made. Len Wiseman and Chris Morgan are going to be co-writing the movies. Wiseman has written in movies like “Rise of the Lycans” and “Live Free or Die Hard”, while Morgan has written for “The Fast and the Furious”.

With writers like that, this movie can’t fail, or can it? Apparently, the movie is taking more of a sci-fi look at the game instead of focusing on the locust horde. I mean really, what would the game be without the horde? It’s not going to ruin the movie, but it will disappoint. They are looking at making it a trilogy. Does this mean a Gears of War 3 is certain (don’t worry, there will be a GoW3) or that they will leave us hanging in the movie and turn two games into three movies? Whatever the case, expect to see trailers for this. Maybe we’ll see this late fall of 2009?

Gears 2 Fails Yet Again

With the first and second patches coming and going, it leaves gamers wondering, what is going on over there? Gears of War was the biggest hit for quite some time. Only being drowned out with the release of Halo 3. They changed so much with the game and the game play and it’s not going over well.

When coming out with sequels to games, you really have to consider how additions can change the game play. Those mortar launchers are ridiculous. The shotgun is under powered. The sudden jolt forward with the chain saw is garbage. The maps, are terrible to say the least. Half these maps would be sick Call of Duty maps, but not Gears of War maps.

I don’t see why they are having so much troubles with the game. I mean honestly had they made it almost exactly the same with better graphics, similar maps, and all the same guns, nobody would have minded. I am personally looking forward to a third, and hopefully final upgrade. Switch out some guns, add some new free maps and they’ll be good to go. Without this, watch the game fade into nothing.

Purchase GoW2 Flashback Maps

Up until a few days ago there was only one way to get the Gears of War 2 Flash Back map pack. That was by purchasing the game new. If you bought the game used, you wouldn’t have been able to play on these maps. They are the five maps from the original Gears of War. Not necessarily the best five, but some of the classics.

It only costs 400 microsoft points. That’s only $5.00! $1.00 per map. While I’d rather play them on the original Gears of War game, I’ll have to settle for playing them on Gears of War 2, at least after I quit playing Fallout 3.

Free Golden Hammerburst for GoW2

Make sure to check my blog for the free golden lancer link as well. If you didn’t go to the midnight launch for the game, you’re a noob. Not only are you a noob, but you also did not receive the golden hammerburst code. It has no real advantage to the regular hammerburst; however the golden guns look so much cooler.

So to get your free golden hammerburst simply go to the xbox marketplace online. This is the legit xbox marketplace, but if you don’t trust me then simply open up a new tab and log in to Then click refresh on the link I gave you and you will see you are logged in.

I have heard that there are problems with the download. I already had the hammerburst and got this link at the same time I downloaded my golden lancer. If the download is invalid, then I’m sure xbox will fix the download soon. It’s worked for some, and not for others.