LTN Tournament Perhaps?

Would anybody be interested in a small tournament that I’d run here on LTN? I’d try and get at least 8 teams for whatever game it is. I would be able to run a Call of Duty 4, Halo 3, Gears of War 1 or 2, Fifa 2009, Madden 2009, or NHL 2009 tournament. Depending upon interest, I would even get a small cash prize coming out of my pocket to give to the winning team or individual.

Just leave a comment with a valid email in the box, the game of choice. Note that you must be an Xbox 360 gamer. There will be no real set date. It will be up to the gamers in each round to get their games done within 2 or 3 days of the time I hook the two of you up for a game. So again, just post the games you’d be interested in entering a tournament for and if we get enough interest we’ll run one.


MLG Pro Circuit 2008 on Xbox Live

All of you 1337 gamers out there this is your chance. There is going to be a pro MLG run halo 3 circuit held on Xbox Live. Now you no longer have the excuse that you didn’t have enough money to have your team travel, or that you were not “old enough” to enter an MLG tournament. It will be the first ever MLG online tournament. It is free to enter. Simply go to the Gamebattles website and create your team. You must pass through the “noobs” in the tournament to become one of the top 128 teams that will advance to the online tournament. The last possible date for sign-ups is on February 3rd so hurry up and get your team together.

I’m looking for a team to enter this with too. Post comments if you want to play some live with me to see if you want to team up.