2 Years

It’s that time of the year again, the blogs anniversary. You haven’t seen me posting much on here lately, but the void has been filled by LTN Chica. Hopefully she has kept you up to date on the things you wanted to learn about. Two years ago this blog was started, and this is now the 513 post on this blog. Pretty good in terms of updating a blog I’d say.

It is safe to assume that within the next year this blog will have reached 1,000,000 total views, quite the feat for what started off being a small gaming blog hoping to get just a few views per day. The .com of this site hasn’t quite taken off yet, but will be reaching the completion of its first year very soon.

Over the next year, you can look forward to continued updates on this blog, and hopefully the take off of my other gaming blog which generally has the same information as this site, just with a nicer appearance. Hopefully this blog continues to grow with your support. Sign up to the RSS feed and follow along.


LTN News

I’ve been a bit busy lately between posting on some other blogs of mine, gaming in call of duty 5, and just being lazy. I’ll try to keep posting daily, but you’ll have to forgive me if I miss a few days here and there. The blog is steadily staying the same in terms of traffic, a majority of it going to a few posts. Not the steady growth I’d have hoped for, but at least it’s retaining a decent level of daily traffic.

If you’d like to publish articles on this blog leave a comment with a valid email address and I’ll get back to you about setting up an account for you.

Summer Time

While there’s not exactly any good games coming out to entertain us, we do have more time on our hands. I hope to do some big things with this blog to help it. I need to post more frequently and better quality I think. As usual, I’m looking for anybody who would be interested in publishing on this blog. Just comment here if you’re interested.

What games are you looking forward to this summer? What game will you be playing this summer? I’ll be playing Call of Duty: World at War which I just picked up a few days ago and probably some NHL 2009 yet.

Non Current Posts

In the next few days I will be publishing some posts that don’t have to deal with current events and things like that. The reasoning being a very busy schedule. I will get you caught up on these events after next week ends and I get more time on my hands, but until then the posts will be generally flat articles that are either a rant about something in gaming or guides to a game. Basically, it will be what started the blog.

As always, I’m looking for guest bloggers, especially for times like this. I get busy, and trying to get a post up everyday gets harder and harder. If you’re interested in doing some guest posting on this blog, leave a comment with the email field filled out with a valid email that I can contact you at. It’s pretty fun blogging on a blog getting so much daily traffic.


Sorry for the downtime we experienced yesterday. The site is back up and running which is all that matters. Expect some changes to the way to posts are organized though as I’ll spend some time going through that very soon!


Anybody interested in joining sme video game forums or something? If there was a pretty decent amount of interest I’d consider opening some sort of video game forums on my own domain in the very near future. Just let me know if you’d be game for it and leave a valid email so I can contact you if I decide to do it.

LTN Tournament Perhaps?

Would anybody be interested in a small tournament that I’d run here on LTN? I’d try and get at least 8 teams for whatever game it is. I would be able to run a Call of Duty 4, Halo 3, Gears of War 1 or 2, Fifa 2009, Madden 2009, or NHL 2009 tournament. Depending upon interest, I would even get a small cash prize coming out of my pocket to give to the winning team or individual.

Just leave a comment with a valid email in the box, the game of choice. Note that you must be an Xbox 360 gamer. There will be no real set date. It will be up to the gamers in each round to get their games done within 2 or 3 days of the time I hook the two of you up for a game. So again, just post the games you’d be interested in entering a tournament for and if we get enough interest we’ll run one.