Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Beta

Interested in getting involved in the beta testing for Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3? They are now accepting sign ups for it. As long as your age is old enough, my understanding is that this is open to anybody who signs up soon. Take this opportunity to test out the new elite subscription that is being added to MW3. They haven’t revealed many of those features yet, but it is assumed we may hear about it at E3 this upcoming week.

They have been saying that this game is going to set the new standard for all first person shooters out there. It’s about time for them to change the game. The only problem is that it’s going to cost the gamers even more money this time around. If you’re an Xbox Live user you’re already paying $60 a year to play the game plus you have to buy the game. Now on top of that, there will be a subscription fee for those who want these additional features.

Anyways, if you’re interested in signing up for the beta, you’ll have to fill out this form. They will contact you via email with your beta code when the modern warfare 3 beta starts. I’ve already requested mine because this is going to be the start of the future of gaming. I fully believe that, and I think that Battlefield is choosing an unfortunate time to release Battlefield 3, especially due to the long time between releases. Nonetheless, the fall lineup is already looking great and E3 hopefully will only add to that.


Call of Duty: World at War Double Experience Weekend

In case you have yet to realize that Call of Duty: World at War is having a double experience weekend, here I am telling you. If you’re a noob and can’t access your Xbox 360 for part of the weekend then you’ll have a lot of catching up to do to those 1337 kids who were staying home all weekend to take advantage of this great opportunity to rush through a prestige.

If you’ve never experienced one of these because you’re new to the game, essentially almost everything you do in the game will earn you twice the usual experience. Game bonuses and challenges are excluded, but just about everything else is doubled. This is a great opportunity to speed through your prestige because you can earn over 1,000 experience per game if you are good at either Search and Destroy, or you have a good team for Headquarters. Even if these gametypes aren’t your favorite or your kill to death drops slightly, they are experience packed and the most efficient way of earning the most experience. It will probably end sometime Monday morning so you have around 50 hours or so left to participate in what may be the final double experience weekend of Call of Duty: World at War.

Call of Duty 5: Map Pack 3

The Call of Duty 5 World at War third map pack came out today. I’ve already downloaded them; however, I only have played two of the three multiplayer maps and haven’t gotten to the zombies map yet but I have still made my conclusions on the map pack. Sick!

Okay so there are three maps, Revolution, Battery, and Breach. I’ve played the first two and they kind of remind me of Call of Duty 4 type maps. There is a great sniping map with plenty of decently safe spots to take cover and the other is a sort of close combat tunnel map with the surrounding areas being a bit more open. The maps seem to be well rounded maps that allow you to use just about any weapon of your choice so long as you play the maps according to how the gun should be used. There is also a new Nazi Zombie map that comes with it. It’s called Der Riese. It come complete with some new weapon upgrades, teleporters, and hordes of undead Aryans.

It’s only 800 microsoft points, which is a mere $10 if you don’t know the conversions. This $10 purchase will allow you to keep playing the game without having to back out of a game because a map you don’t have is being played and it will add hours and hours of fun to this already classic game. It will probably be enough to keep you playing up until the very day of Modern Warfare 2’s release (11/10/09).

Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer

Finally, Activision and Infinity Wards Modern Warfare 2 has a trailer including gameplay from the multiplayer aspect of the game. While the campaign can hook players to the game, the majority of it’s million fans are purchasing it for the multiplayer only. I myself haven’t beat the Call of Duty 4 or 5 campaigns yet. They are long and not nearly as fun as playing on live. So if you’re interested in the multiplayer, check this out.

Did anything in particular appeal to you? I especially liked the ability to choose what kill streak advantages you will receive. I didn’t catch what the possibilities are, but I’m sure as your level gets higher, the options will get more and more advanced. Effectively mastering the kill streak bonuses can hopefully lead you to 20 or 30 kill streaks almost every game. The only thing I’m worried about is the potential of one of these bonuses being too powerful and end up making the game no fun. Another thing that confused me was the gun with a pop out radar on that. I hope that’s not showing enemy location constantly.

Call of Duty 5: Double EXP Weekend

Good news for any of your Call of Duty 5 gamers out there. I am happy to announce that we have yet another double experience weekend in Call of Duty 5. For those of you unfamiliar with the significance of this, it’s pretty big. You receive twice the experience for everything you do (with the exception of match bonuses) making it so much quicker to level up, especially in the higher slower levels that take 5,000 experience to level up.

The higher the level, the more guns and perks you receive. If you want to take full advantage of this weekend you should focus on games like headquarters and search and destroy. In search and destroy you get 100 points per kill, 50 per assist, and 200 for either arming or disarming the bomb! In headquarters you’ll get 500 for holding the headquarter for 250 seconds, plus another 10 per kill, and 40 for either capturing or destroying the headquarter.

Focus your time on these two gametypes and you should be able to finish your current prestige and move on to the next one. For those of you already in 10th prestige, sorry to say they are only making it easier for those lower than you to catch up to you. Take advantage of this weekend, I’ll be trying to hit my second prestige.

Call of Duty: World at War Double EXP

To celebrate the release of the second map pack, we get a chance at a double exp weekend. That means that every kill or objective will get you double the points you usually get. If you’re all about getting a high level and prestiging then no matter how much you dislike search and destroy or headquarters, you might want to tough it out for the weekend.

If any of you guys want to play with me, leave your gamertag. I’m not even to my first prestige, but I’m pretty legit when I’m actually playing well. I’ll play search and destroy or headquarters with you this weekend. I like to have good people in my party so that it makes my game easier as well.

Call of Duty Nazi Zombies

This is pretty much the sickest thing I’ve played on live lately. Getting in a party of four players and dominating in Nazi Zombies can produce hours of fun for everyone involved. The never ending, ever increasing, strength of the zombies gets to be overwhelming no matter the guns you have. It’s up to you and your friends to see just how long you can last.

There are many cheats to the game. I wouldn’t recommend them simply because what point is there in that? You are going to cheat just to kill zombies for hours on end. There are things like three guns, grenade glitches, and double tap glitches. These will surely be patched eventually, but until then they are for you to discover and use to your advantage if you really choose to.

There are also tons of strategies. You need to find a room that you can most effectively cover. The best option here would be to eventually put the person with the worst guns against the three windows and have the other three players guarding the entrance for the zombies from the other ten windows or so that you aren’t directly covering. Eventually you’ll need ray guns or some outstanding team work. What’s the farthest level you’ve gotten to? I got to 17 tonight, my first night owning the game.