Hd or Blu-ray

With the Toshiba-backed HD-DVD format reportedly on the cusp of tumbling into the precipice of defeat at the hands of Blu-ray, yet more rumors have now surfaced suggesting that Microsoft Corp. could be about to join the long list of supporters embracing Sony’s (almost) triumphant platform.

David Richards at Aussie online technology magazine Smart House claims “insiders at Microsoft” in the US have told the site that Microsoft has already configured a standalone Blu-ray player fully compatible with the software giant’s Xbox 360 videogames console.

Moreover, there are also suggestions that Microsoft’s emergent Blu-ray player could well hit retail within the next three months — pursuant to “internal marketing and sales approvals.”

“We would welcome Microsoft to the Blu-ray stable,” said Michael Ephraim, MD of Sony Computer Entertainment, in the Smart House report. “In fact it is quite logical for them as the PS3 has been very successful in driving consumers to Blu-ray. In fact we believe that it has done more to win the format war than traditional Blu-ray players.”

Ephraim went on to say that, given the videogame platform rivalry between Sony and Microsoft, it would be “up to Sony Corporate,” as to whether the American software company was granted a Blu-ray license. “I see no reason why they would not do it,” he added.

This latest rumor comes on the back of Microsoft indicating at the CES show in Las Vegas that adopting Blu-ray as the dominant HD format is something the company is fully prepared for thanks to it offering Xbox 360 customers HD via an external player.

While a standalone Blu-ray player would certainly bolster the Xbox 360’s appeal beside Sony’s PlayStation 3 console, which comes equipped with Blu-ray as standard, the unnamed insiders hold that Microsoft — despite an apparent willingness to adapt its strategy to include Blu-ray — is looking toward HD media downloads as the future.

I have the Hd player and it is nice but the blu-ray would put a whole new meaning to the family movie night.


Rainbow 6 Vegas 2 Review

For people that like first person shooters Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six has given gamers a game of what they like through many changes with Rainbow Six Vegas being a favorite among gamers.

For storyline RB6: Vegas 2 will be easier to understand if you played the previous game. The game’s storyline kinda tip toes in and around that of the first game. But to be honest I didn’t feel the storyline to be that strong a feature in this Vegas 2. It adds context to your operations but that’s about it. Characters are not really fleshed out and so you are basically left to focus on the combat. I kinda wished the game felt more like a Tom Clancy novel like the popular Splinter Cell games do, but then again I don’t think gamers will be coming to this game for strong story elements.

There are experience points to be earned in-game all of which will allow you to rank up which will earn you better options for gear. You also have the ACES system where completing certain combat feats in various categories across 20 levels allows you to unlock specialization weapons in areas like Marksman or Close Quarter combat. Furthermore your upgraded character can be brought into Co-Op and online versus modes. So taking the time to earn points in campaign mode will definitely pay off as you migrate to online multiplayer.

Thankfully there is a decent system for taking cover and firing from cover including blind fire. You will be moving mostly from cover point to cover point, rarely stepping out into the open. For the most part the cover system is quite good, though there are times when the only cover you are given seems inadequate to protect you at all, which can get annoying. Tactics of course is a strong feature of the game, where taking on a room full of enemies will have you setting up your two other squadmates at one entry point as you enter a separate entry point to flank. The scenarios are pretty much preset for you to use one or two tactics. Deviation from that will have you dead quick. I wished the infiltration scenarios were a little more dynamic and at times it does begin to feel repetitive as you use the same tactics to deal with the same situation over and over.

As for the graphics the game looks decent enough on the Xbox 360 but a little dated compared to the quality we’ve begun to see on the console in games like Call Of Duty 4. Particularly noticeable as odd is how irregularly proportioned some of the characters are. Shrunken heads and oversized hands, but thankfully that’s an exception rather than a rule. Environmentally I have no complaints though it should be noted that the Vegas 2 moves away from the casinos and more into offices, convention halls and industrial sites which some may find not as appealing as the bright neon lights of the original game. Audio is great with decent voice acting and sound effects. Enemy dialog can be rather bland and repetitive though as it seems to solely to serve as audio clues.

Perhaps the strongest feature of RB6 Vegas 2 like it’s predecessor is the multiplayer aspect. Co-Op has you along with 1 other live player and 2 squadmates, reduced from 4 live players in the original game. Unfortunately only 1 player can issue squad commands which kinda leaves player 2 as a mere tag along. Of course this means that if player 1 goes down there is no way for player 2 to continue on with the squad until player 1 respawns. There is however a fun Terrorist Hunt mode where you and 3 other live players can play together wiping out the terrorist threat.

Multi player has 12 maps with 2 new modes and supports up to a total 16 players online. Players can, as mentioned before, bring their ranked up character into the multiplayer with all the goodies you earned in campaign mode. Online matchmaking can insure that if you only want to play with similarly ranks players you can. The multiplayer maps are very well done and well balanced with numerous incursion points to keep the gameplay interesting. As well I’ll note that online multiplayer runs quite smoothly right up to the max player limit.

All in all Rainbow Six Vegas 2 is a decent sequel to the original. Some may want for more while others will be happy Ubisoft didn’t venture far from all that made the original game such a hit. Chances are if you played the original game with friends online you should be picking up Vegas 2 or be left behind. I give Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 a 9 out of 10.

Call of Duty 4

Ok guys this post is to talk about Call of Duty 4 obviously.

Maps: I’d like to hear feedback on the new maps, if you like them or not and why?

Me: I personally love the new maps, they give a whole new meaning to camping. Nice and big and full of hiding places!

Game play: Ideas on game play, do you like 1st person shooter or 3rd?

Me: I like the whole 1st person shooter, but then again Gears of War is a 3rd person and I like it a lot aswell. So for me I like them both.

Perks: What are you favorite perks and gun combos?

Me: Well i’d have to say MP5 silenced, x3frag, double-tap, and extreme conditioning.

Overall rating: What do you give it out of 5 stars?

Me: Ok am going to have to give this game a whopping ***** rating

Hi, I’m New

Hello everyone,

Jake is the name and Call of Duty 4 is the game.

Ok so as you just figured out im new to this so give me some time to adapt here instead of forums. I love to play Call of Duty 4, I am 10th prestige on there and working on all the gold guns.(So far I have obtained the gold dragunov as well as the shotgun.)

I currently own a Wii and Xbox 360, and all the old boring consoles. I have never had interest in my Ps2 so I decided to skip the Ps3, later you can give me some feedback on it if you want.

Gears of War: Ok, Gears of War and I go back to its beginning. I have been on many clans for Gears, and so far the highest rank we got 2nd place in the winter of 2007 standings. It’s been fun but I now have a new calling, and that calling is for Cod4.

My Gamertag is            o bl00d o            if you were thinking those O’s looked funny in my name, then you were right because they are zero’s, so if you want to play don’t be shy, just send me a friend request and ill play with you in a few games of headquarters or hardcore search and destroy.

Sports: I love soccer and basketball. Soccer has been a big part of my life since i was young. I have been playing basketball since i was 9 or 10 and really fell in love with it.

I hope this will give you an idea of what im about and what i can do. If you need any help or want to find out more I’ll try my best to help!

Thanks, Your Friend Modded

H3V Studios

You see H3V studios in my blogroll every time you visit this site. If you’ve never had the chance to check it out, I highly suggest you do. If you are interested in Halo, Call of Duty, Gears of War, or any other xbox game you will enjoy the discussions and tournaments for these games. If you are an editor you will enjoy the studio part of it. Some of the greatest montage and sig editors are active members here giving us the first looks at their newest works.

H3V is not only an online forum. By joining this site you can become friends with countless MLG players that are more than willing to go into customs with you. Maybe they will even find you good enough to start a team with you. It seems like there is always some type of MLG custom or BR Sniper custom game going on.

I’m an active member of the forum, and also a moderator. The forum was started by MLG player Metalic Dust and is thriving with contributions from MLG player. Your every post also gets you a step closer to obtaining some free microsoft points or free xbox live memberships. I will not get into that, but it is a plus to the site. Your posts will in the end benefit you in the form of xbox live time, or microsoft points.

If you’d like to sign up head on over to H3V Studios. I’m XM Satellite hit me up with a PM there and I’ll help get you into these amazing customs.

Grandma Gamer

Don’t mess. You log on to Xbox Live and hear what sounds like an 80 year old woman. Don’t be surprised as this grandma plays more and more games I wouldn’t doubt her getting an xbox 360 in the near future. Trash talk her and you may end up on the end of a sticky grenade. This is one hardcore gamer.

MLG Pro Circuit 2008 on Xbox Live

All of you 1337 gamers out there this is your chance. There is going to be a pro MLG run halo 3 circuit held on Xbox Live. Now you no longer have the excuse that you didn’t have enough money to have your team travel, or that you were not “old enough” to enter an MLG tournament. It will be the first ever MLG online tournament. It is free to enter. Simply go to the Gamebattles website and create your team. You must pass through the “noobs” in the tournament to become one of the top 128 teams that will advance to the online tournament. The last possible date for sign-ups is on February 3rd so hurry up and get your team together.

I’m looking for a team to enter this with too. Post comments if you want to play some live with me to see if you want to team up.