Track Mania Wii

Coming out soon for the Nintendo Wii is a game that is known as Track Mania Wii. The release datea that has been chosen for this game has been picked for this upcoming Tuesday, May 18th. In this game you will have control over cars as they go high speed through a bunch of ramps, loops, turbo boosts and other obstacles on the many various tracks. There are more than 200 tracks that are available to race on and also there is a ton of different game modes to play. It does not matter which game control system you choose to use whether it is the Wiimote and nunchuck, your game pad or your Wii Wheel.

This game has the mode of the track editor. In this mode you will have the chance to create and save a lot of various tracks which you have personalized with your own flavor. After creating them you have the ability to share them with your friends with the Wi Fi connection that Nintendo has. Some multiplayer modes are available as well which allows for you to play up against your friends either locally or against some one across the globe.

Make sure to look in to this game some time if you get the chance before it releases on Tuesday.

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