Iron Man 2 Review

Recently released for the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360 is the game Iron Man 2. The date that this game came out was on May 4th. This game, that has been published by SEGA, is based off of the famous movie. In playing this game, you will be able to better experience the power that Iron Man has.

The following is a review that has been given to this game:

“The combat system is, likewise, well-conceived but joylessly executed. Iron Man’s attack powers are split between his left and right hands. You can assign two different weapon types to each side and change them on the fly by pressing the D-pad. Combat is built around a rough lock-on mechanic. In theory, it works like it would in most games: when locked onto an enemy, a translucent blue circle surrounds them and a green health meter is intertwined. The problem is that it’s impossible to hit a moving target with standard attacks, which renders it fairly useless, since lock-on mechanisms are designed to hit non-stationary enemies.”

 Make sure to check out some more details regarding this game if you have the time.


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