Dead Rising 2 Preview

Coming out for both the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3 is the game Dead Rising 2. Currently, the set release date of this action packed game is Auguest 31st of this year. This adventure  game, that has been published by Capcom and has been developed by Blue Castle Games, does not have very many changes compared to the first Dead Rising.

Here is a preview that has been given to the game, Dead Rising 2, and specifically to the co op mode of this game:

“For example, placing a hard hat and a power drill on Dead Rising 2‘s work bench produced a hat of blood fueled destruction when placed on a zombie’s head. It is not exactly practical, as it only affects a single zombie, but it produces a serious amount of experience points for your character. Conversely, combining a rake and a car battery (with some duct tape, obviously) resulted in an electrified rake excellent at zombie crowd control.”

Make sure to look into this game when more details come out as the release date of this game comes nearer.


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