Crytek 2 Preview

Coming out for the consoles of the PlayStation 3, the Xbox 360 and the PC is the game, Crysis 2. This game, that has been developed by Cretek Studios and has been published by the well known Electronic Arts, is going to be made available at a date that is still currently being decided but it is going to be some time later in this year. An approximate time frame for the release of this game is during the holiday season of this year.

Until recently, Cretek was keeping this game pretty secretive about not revealing details about the game. After finally being given a try at playing this game, the following is a short preview that has been said about the game, Crysis 2:

“Long gone are the idyllic beaches, rocky outcrops and lush canopy of the jungle that defined both of the company’s biggest games, Far Cry and Crysis. The pitch now is ‘urban jungle,’ with palm trees replaced by traffic lights, beaches swapped for bus stops, and rocky cliffs transformed into skyscraper rubble. Disaster has once more found a home downtown.”

Make sure to look into this game for more details before it releases some time a lot later in the year.


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