Two New Rock Band Announcements Made

Two recent announcements have been made by Harmonix regarding Rock Band. These two new stories include that there is going to be new songs coming out for Rock Band from Lady Gaga as music downloadable content and the other story was that Rock Band 3 is for sure going to come out before the holiday season of 2010.

In this upcoming week, there is going to be four new tracks releasing as DLC from the popular artist whom everybody loves, Lady Gaga. These four new tracks will be available for both Rock Band or Rock Band 2. The four tracks are Bad Romance, Just Dance, Poker Face and Monster. If you want to buy all four of these songs together then you can get them as a track pack for the price of $6.99. To buy each of the songs separately, it will cost $1.99 per song. These songs will be available starting next Tuesday for the Xbox 360 and then Thursday for the PlayStation 3.

Even though there is very few details, all that is known regarding Rock Band 3 is that it will be coming out some time by the holiday season of this year.

“Viacom CEO and president Philippe Dauman has confirmed that Harmonix is working on Rock Band 3, for release holiday 2010!” said the communications manager at Harmonix, John Drake.


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