Final Fantasy XIII Review

Final Fantasy XIII is a game that is going to be releasing early this week on the day Tuesday, March 9th, 2010, for the consoles of the Sony PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360. This is a role playing game which many people are are excited to play. However, X-Play’s Rob Manuel got to give the game a try. Here is the review that Manuel gave to the game:

“Final Fantasy XIII is not a weekend rental, it’s a commitment. Sure, that sounds obvious to any fan of the blockbuster role-playing series, but Square Enix’s dramatic changes to its formula will prove jarring to many longtime fans. Not everyone will enjoy being thrust into a world of chaotic action and feverish flipping of menus. Don’t get me wrong, the new battle system is more of an evolution of previous systems rather than a cheap gimmick. But even as a longtime fan of the series, I wonder how others will come to terms with so many drastic changes. I, for one, grew to truly enjoy it.”

Are you excited for this game to come out? Make sure to check it out on Tuesday when it releases.


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