Activision’s Plan for 2010

In recent times, the music type video games have not been getting quite the same amount of attention from gamers as they did before. However, Guitar Hero and Rock Band do continue to do pretty decent although the interest in these two games also continues to head downward. Some people mention that their interest is decreasing because of the low value of releases that Activision has recently been coming out with. It is pretty clear that Activision will lower it’s number of new game releases for Guitar Hero in the upcoming year of 2010.

During the year of 2009, Activision released 25 different “versions” of the game Guitar Hero. However, to make it clear, the Xbox 360 version of Guitar Hero 5 is a known as a different version than the PlayStation version of Guitar Hero 5.

When Activision was spoken to about it’s financial performance in 2009, they shared that they would greatly lower the number of versions of Guitar Hero that they would come out with in 2010. It was estimated that about 10 new versions of Guitar Hero will be coming out this year.

At a later date, Activision promises to come out with some more details regarding which Guitar Hero games will be coming out this year.


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