Rock Blast for the Wii

Coming out very soon for the Nintendo Wii is the game Rock Blast. Developed by Cyber Planet Interactive, Rock Blast is a game in which there has been a volcano erupt in your home town. Due to this eruption, there is massive amount of hot lava destroying anything in it’s path. Use the help of your friendly dinosaurs as you shoot and destroy the lava rocks to help save the town. Make the perfect aim with your shooting in order to destroy the rocks. You have to match three or more of similar colored rocks to be able to stop the lava before it overflows.  This action game is a game that anybody will quickly become addicted to.

There are many different modes in this game including Story Mode, Puzzle Mode and Multiplayer modes. In Story Mode you will play your way through 99 various levels of very quick paced puzzle challenges. In Puzzle Mode, you need to get rid of all of the lava rocks that are on the screen in a specified number of moves which really requires you to have precision in order to get the victory. With multiplayer, you can play competitively against a friend by causing their lava to rise as yours decreases.

Be sure to check this game out when it releases on February 9, 2010.

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