Rock Blast

In Rock Blast, an upcoming game being released for the Wii, your entire town is being destroyed due to an erupting volcano letting out tons of hot lava. You have to shoot and destroy the lava rocks with the help of your dinosaur friends in order to save the village. This game, which is developed by UFO Interactive, is coming out on February 9th, 2010.

  • Story Mode: You will play your way through 99 different fast paced levels as you help save the village.
  • Puzzle Mode: You will be given a certain number of moves  in which you must eliminate all of the rocks on the screen. Use both patience and precision to win this mode.
  • Multiplayer Mode: Play up against a friend. You can make combos which will send rocks to your opponents in order to make their lava rise more quickly or you can play for the highest score in a mode called Time Attack Mode.
  • Dinosaur Support: Each of your dinosaurs have different upgrades and power-ups which will help you to destroy the rising lava rocks to help save the city.
  • Easy Control: Players can use two different methods to play including either the Motion Sensor feature on the Wii Remote or they can also turn the remote sideways in order to play in a more classic way.

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