Most Used Console in the US

According to some new data that was recently revealed. It was shown that the Xbox 360 is the most used console in the united states. This means that, in terms of minutes, more time is spent on the Xbox 360 than any other console.

Surprisingly, the second most used console is the last generation PlayStation 2. Coming in third was the Nintendo Wii. Not only did Sony’s PlayStation 3 not even make the top three, it was not even on the final list. It was not made clear why the PlayStation 3 was not put on the list. At least Sony can get one good thing out of this by saying that they have consoles that last considering the PlayStation 2 is still getting used a lot. To Sony, they may not realize that creating a console that does everything does not exactly attract as many users as they had hoped since more people are playing the PlayStation 2.

Also with this data, it was shown that 73 percent of households use a console for the sole purpose of playing games. There is a console or handheld in 54 percent of all households. Out of that 54 percent, last generation consoles make up 41 percent of it. Also, females have become stronger in the gaming world. They make up 45 percent of all gamers, 49 percent of Wii owners and 52 percent of all PlayStation Portable owners.

Which console do you use the most?


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