DJ Hero 2

Even though DJ Hero has not, and most likely never will, become the same major hit that Guitar Hero has, Activision has decided to go for another round and give it a second try complete with more new music. It was seen that DJ David Guetta reported to a newspaper in Canada recently that he is happy to get to work on the next DJ Hero game. The following is what he had to say:

“I think it’s amazing, this game, and I’m going to work on the No. 2 version,” said David Guetta. “It’s a really crazy game. After 10 minutes, you get the rush that a DJ gets after 10 years of practising. I have fun with it, but you know what? I can’t go to the maximum level. It’s too difficult for me. It’s crazy.”

Looking at the pretty modest sales that the first DJ Hero had, it seems pretty unlikely that Activision would decide to create a whole new peripheral for the all new second version of DJ Hero.

What were you thoughts on the first DJ Hero? Do you think that a second DJ Hero is something you will be interested in?


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