“Walk it Out” Coming to Wii

A game will be coming out on January 10th for the Wii which is called Walk it Out. Developed by Hudson Soft, Walk it Out is a whole new experience of walking. You must walk to the beat of the great music. You can participate in mini games all while you are getting a great work out. The popular in game tracks will keep you motivated to walk. This game is going to keep you going to a whole new healthier you!

  • Motivational: You will remain motivated because the more you walk, the more exciting the game becomes. With every step you take you will be able to discover new places and adventures each time you turn on the game.
  • Music: You will have the option to chose from 120 different songs. These songs include 20 favorite licensed tracks even performed by the original artists. There is hit songs such as Boom Boom Pow by the Black Eyed Peas, How Do you Sleep? by Jesse McCartney, La La Land by Demi Lovato and also many more songs to get you going.
  • Achievements: You will be able to track your achievements. Charts and graphs will show you how many calories you have burned, your distance traveled, number of steps taken and also much more in order to keep track of your improvement.
  • Wii Balance Board compatible: The game will accept input from the DanceDanceRevolution Wii Controller, Wii Remote and Nunchuk or Wii Balance Board.

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