“Fast Food Panic” Coming to Wii

Fast Food Panic will be coming out for the Wii on Tuesday, Januray 5th. In this game you must make the best restaurant in the world. You will do this by cooking delicious food, keeping the customers happy, greeting them when they come in and making sure your restaurant stays clean. This is an exciting, quick paced restaurant stimulation game. You may think that this game sounds easy, but owning a restaurant takes a lot of hard work. Your waiters and waitresses will need to keep the place neat, make deliveries, ring up customers and much more.

  • Play against the clock and turn your restaurant to one of the most well known ones in the world.
  • In addition to all of your various duties, you will get to play a bunch of cooking mini games.
  • The delicious foods that you will cook up include steaks, pasta, burgers, pizza and much more.
  • Certain customers, known as VIP customers, will really push your serving and cooking skills to the limit.
  • Play the different modes including Story Mode and Free Mode as you try to get your own high score.
  • Try to unlock more than 10 great mini games to better your cooking skills.
  • The game includes three different levels of difficulty to separate the beginners from the masters.

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