Paul McCartney Rock Band DLC

There is going to be some new music downloadable content that many people will be excited about coming out for the games of Rock Band and Rock Band 2. The tracks which will be arriving are three live versions of Paul McCartney songs. This downloadable content will be available starting Tuesday, January 5th.

These three songs will be bundled together in a song pack that will be called “New York City Pack 01.” These tracks were all recorded during the christening of New York’s Citi Field at the memorable three night musical that the Beatles had. These songs are going to be Paul McCartney’s first solo songs that are available for Rock Band.

The tracks that will be available are as follows:

  • Band on the Run
  • Jet
  • Sing the Changes

All of these live recorded tracks will come out on Jan. 5 for the Xbox 360 and the Wii and on Jan. 7 for PlayStation 3. The regular price will be used where each individual song will cost $1.99. However, for the entire track pack including all three songs, the cost will be $3,99.


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