PSP Best of 2009 Awards

These following games are the ones that won the PlayStation Portable Best of 2009 Awards in their respective categories:
  • Best Action Game – Patapon 2
  • Best Fighting Game – Tekken 6
  • Best Music Game – Rock Band: Unplugged
  • Best Platform Game – Little Big Planet
  • Best Puzzle Game – Pixel Junk Monsters: Junk
  • Best Racing Game – Motor Storm: Arctic Edge
  • Best Role-Playing Game – Half Minute Hero
  • Best Sports Game – Pangya: Fantasy Golf
  • Award for Visual Excellence – Little Big Planet
  • Award for Excellence in Sound – Motor Storm: Arctic Edge
  • Best Story – Resistance: Retribution
  • Best Multiplayer Game – Motor Storm: Arctic Edge
  • PSP Game of the Year – Patapon 2

The PlayStation Portable had a very successful year. In this past year, there were a lot of bigger franchises that put out a game or two for the PSP including Rock Band, Assassins Creed, Little Big Planet and Resistance. There were also a lot of huge games that returned in this year including games from the series’ of Final Fantasy, Patapon and LocoRoco. One thing about the PlayStation Portable is that it can really be played anywhere at any time. I think that this really attracts a lot of people to it and the great quality and variety of games keeps them hooked on it.


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