Drunken Santa Klaus

Christmas is in trouble for this year and it is up to the iPhone users to save it in “Drunken Santa Klaus” which is a game that was developed and published by ROOT9 Medialab. You are going to have to keep the motion sensor balanced on the iPhone in order to keep Santa Klaus from tipping over. If you let Santa fall in to the snow then he will take fall asleep right away and there is definitely not any time for that to happen. It is going to be even harder for Santa to keep on time since there are Christmas sacks all through out the way. For each sack that he jumps over completely and gracefully, Santa will earn performance points and for each Candy Stick that he consumes, he will be a little bit more sober. He will become totally smashed from any wine bottles and this will be sure to cause a disastrous Christmas Eve. You will choose the difficulty level which is going to determine how drunk Santa Klaus will start off as. Christmas morning is all in your hands so you must do your best to save it. Check out this game for iPhone and iPod touch in the which was released on December 2.


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