Dragon Age: Origins DLC

Dragon Age: Origins, the beloved Role Playing Game, fans will soon be receiving even more DLC. BioWare has recently released information that it will be coming out with “Return to Ostagar” this holiday. This will make it the third DLC to come out since this game came out earlier this month.

BioWare’s Dr. Ray Muzyka said:

“’Return to Ostagar’ allows players to exact their revenge and embark on a quest for the mighty arms and armor of the once great King Cailan when they revisit Ostagar, the site of the Grey Wardens’ darkest hour, to reclaim the honor and learn the secrets of Ferelden’s fallen king. ‘The Return to Ostagar’ DLC pack is a prime example of BioWare’s commitment to give fans a game that continuously offers new experiences and further enriches a storyline that has already received critical acclaim and positive feedback from the players.”

The cost for this downloadable content is $4.99 for the PlayStation 3, for the PC it will be 3,400 BioWare points, and for the Xbox 360, it will be 400 Microsoft Points.

Did you check out the first two downloadable content packs? Were they worth the price that you paid for them?


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