James Cameron’s Avatar

The theatrical debut of “Avatar” will be premiering in theaters in about six weeks. This movie is James Cameron’s long-awaited return to the position in the director’s chair. Before this movie comes out, you will get a little taste of the action. “James Cameron’s Avatar: The Game” is currently in the works by Ubisoft Montreal and it will be released in early December which could be maybe a couple days or so before the “Avatar” movie releases. The game was tested out at a recent Ubi event in San Francisco. According to Phil Theobald the game was really nice and it was something you will want to play more than once. He said:

“At a crucial point, you are given a choice: do you continue to work with the RDA or will you turn against your fellow humans and help the Na’vi defend their home? Your decision affects which character you play as for the remainder of the game, and there are separate human and Na’vi stages and missions. For the full experience, you’ll want to play through Avatar at least twice to ensure that you’ve seen everything that it has to offer.”

Is this a game that you would like to try out? Are you interested in the upcoming movie?


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