DJ Hero Mix Pack

Most music games release downloadable content pretty soon after the game is released. Activision has wasted no time in putting out their first mix pack for DJ Hero. However, the pack’s priced at $6 and it doesn’t let you download individual mixes over Xbox Live or PlayStation Network but you can on Wii.

The DJ Hero “Extended Mix Pack 01” includes:

  • “All Of Me” by 50 Cent featuring Mary J. Blige vs. “Radio Ga Ga” by Queen
  • “DARE” by Gorillaz vs. “Can’t Truss It” Performed by Public Enemy

If the mixes were separated onto all of the consoles, the downloadable content would still consist of the price of $3 per mix. In contrast, for Guitar Hero 5, the individual song tracks are only priced at $2 each. When Activision was contacted, they would neither confirm nor deny this as the standard price for the future content.

“I cannot comment about future DJ Hero downloadable,” said the Guitar Hero public relations manager, Aaron Grant, in an e-mailed statement from this morning, “but for the DJ Hero downloadable content that has been announced, individual mixes will cost $3.”

There will be a “David Guetta Mix Pack,” which will features three mixes. This mix pack will be released on November 24th.

To me, it seems like the prices are not set in stone. Make sure that if you think that $3 for each song is too much then you get your opinion heard.


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