Music DLC for the Week

This week has many new DLC releases for the music games of Guitar Hero 5, Rock Band, The Beatles: Rock Band, Rock Band: Unplugged and Lips. The following is the list of songs followed by their prices:

Guitar Hero 5

“Classic Rock 2 Track Pack”

Peter Frampton – “Show Me the Way” (Live)
J. Geils Band – “Freeze-Frame”
Triumph – “Lay It on the Line”

Price: $1.99/160 Microsoft Points/200 Wii Points per track, or $5.49/440 MSP/550 WP for pack

Rock Band

“Queen Pack”

“Another One Bites the Dust”
“Crazy Little Thing Called Love”
“Fat Bottomed Girls”
“I Want It All”
“I Want to Break Free”
“Killer Queen”
“One Vision”
“Somebody to Love”
“Tie Your Mother Down”
“Under Pressure”

Price: $1.99/160 MSP/200 WP per track, or $15.99/1280 MSP for pack

Rock Band: The Beatles

“Abbey Road: Complete the Album Pack”

“Maxwell’s Silver Hammer” – $1.99, 160 MSP
“Oh! Darling” – $1.99, 160 MSP
“Because” – $1.99, 160 MSP
“You Never Give Me Your Money”
“Sun King”
“Mean Mr. Mustard”
“Polythene Pam”
“She Came in Through the Bathroom Window”
“Golden Slumbers”
“Carry That Weight”
“The End”
“Her Majesty”

Price: $16.99/1360 MSP for pack



“Maxwell’s Silver Hammer” – 200 WP
“Oh! Darling” – 200 WP
“Because” – 200 WP
“Her Majesty” – 100 WP

Multi-Track Sets:

“Sun King”/ “Mean Mr. Mustard”
“Polythene Pam”/ “She Came in Through the Bathroom Window”
“Golden Slumbers”/ “Carry That Weight”/ “The End”

Price: 350 WP per set

Rock Band: Unplugged

Blink-182 – “The Rock Show”
The Offspring – “All I Want”

Price: $1.99 per track


“The Supremes Song Pack”

“Baby Love”
“You Can’t Hurry Love”
“Stop! in the Name of Love”

Price: 160 MSP per track, or 440 MSP for pack


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