Beat it! to iPhone and iPod Touch

Beat it! is an upcoming game for the iPhone and iPod touch. It is not a rhythm game. It is a music game. In this game you do not just need to hit the notes with the beat, you must deconstruct a music clip and then try to recreate it. This game is believed to have much potential.

Here is how the game works: A short clip is played while you listen to it a couple times in order to get the notes down. After that, you tap squares on a grid in order to create a line of music which sounds like the clip you just heard. You have the ability to turn squares on or off by simply tapping them. While you create the clip, a line moves over the grid and plays your selection. If you have placed a correct note in the right place of a measure then the square will sparkle. There is five different worlds that you must beat and each world gets harder and harder as you go. For example, new instruments will keep getting added represented by a new line added onto the grid.

A game mode that may interest people is the free play mode which allows you to make your own music clips. Soon after the games release, a feature that will allow you to share your clips and comment on other players clips.

This game will be available in late October for the price of $2.99.


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