DJ Hero DLC and Sequel

Apparently, a source that will remain anonymous has mentioned that Activision is already working with Euro development companies on new DJ Hero content. It was reported that they are working together on both a sequel to DJ Hero and downloadable content for the music game which is coming out very soon. Supposedly, musicians DMC Champion and judge DJ Qbert were both asked about if they would like to be included in this new DJ Hero content.

To me, it kind of seems strange that Activision is already deciding to start on the DJ Hero sequel when they are not even sure yet about how the first game is going to do. It seems to me like a company would want to be at least a little interested in knowing how a game does before you would start investing time and money creating a sequel.  Activision is known for being a big fan of sequels, but they are an even bigger fan of money. One thing to know is that they are already working on developing some DLC for this game which could be a good thing because gamers more easily get persuaded to buying DJ Hero after hearing that more songs and such will be on the way. Also, it is helpful to hear that there will most likely be a sequel because if people are expected to buy an expensive controller for it, then they are going to want at least two games to use it on.


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