Ion Assault

Ion Assault is a game that came out on Wednesday, September 23rd to the Xbox. This Shooter game, developed by Coreplay, is an action-packed arcade-style space adventure with an unprecedented particle physics engine. In this game you can fight by yourself or play cooperatively all the way through four different modes. Also, make your way though twenty different levels. Fend of swarms of aliens using the free energy particles as your weapons.

The following are some features that are included in this game:

Adventures of space: Battle aliens with a unique fluid and particle system.
Different varieties of play: Make your way through twenty levels using four different settings each with lavish graphics.
Upgrades: Earn different upgrades for your spaceships. Get upgrades such as augmented speed or increase radius used for collecting surrounding particles.
Mode of play: Play various multiplayer modes including cooperative, arena, or harvest. Play with up to four players.
Power-ups: Collect various special power-ups. Each power-up is only usable for a limited amount of time including the Black Hole.
International flavor: Ion Assault is the first Xbox Live Arcade game ever to be developed in Germany.


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