Twilight Game for the Wii

Are you one of those die hard fans of Twilight? Well if you are, there is a Twilight game coming out for the Wii. This game from Konami is Scene It? Twilight. According to Konami, “Twilight will challenge Wii players’ powers of observation, memory and puzzle solving, as it transports them to Forks, WA and creates an interactive multiplayer trivia experience brought together seamlessly on Wii.”

Here are some of the functions for the game:

Trivia for the ultimate fan – There will be over 500 multiple choice questions available based on the movie, music and audio from the Twilight movie.

Use of the motion – Use the Wii Remote in order to buzz in and beat your opponent creating for a fun and exciting game.

New gameplay modes – Both single and multi-players modes are available. New scoring methods keep the scores close making the games exciting and fun.

This game is most likely going to be a hit with all of the Twilight fans. With this game for the Wii being pretty much the only Twilight game out there right now, a good number of sales could be expected.


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