Microsoft might Buy EA Sports

If you have ever wanted some “big news” well here is some big new. Even though right now it is just a supposed “rumor”, the news is still rather shocking. The word on the streets of New York is that Microsoft is possibly interested in purchasing the huge game publisher of Electronic Arts, or more commonly known as EA Sports.

This claim will probably remain a claim for quite a long time. However, when word of Microsoft’s possible deal reached the public, Electronic Arts received a 4 percent boost in sales. I can not even begin to think about how huge this deal would be. There would be Xbox exclusives for Electronic Arts which would definitely boost the Microsoft sales.

However, until one of these companies, either Microsoft or Electronic Arts, makes it official, it is not worth getting very worked up about. If this were really to happen, it would probably not be any time in the very near future.

When this rumor was first heard of an Electronic Arts representative was supposedly not available for a comment. Also, a Microsoft representative declined to comment. But recently an Electronic Arts representative said, “We do not comment on speculation about our business.”


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