Important Events of the Past Week

If you were too busy in the past week to catch up on gaming information, here is a look at the five most important events that occurred.

5. The release date of BioShock is announced (Friday, September 18). This sequel was supposed to be released in 2009. However, we now all know exactly when it will release next year.

4. SKATE 3 is announced by Electronic Arts (Tuesday, September 15). The third game in the popular skateboarding series is announced. New features include players being able to creat their own skate teams to compete in challenged against rival crews. Cooperative experiences will be concentrated on more in this game.

3. Upcoming price cut for the Wii (Monday, September 14). A Toys R Us ad accidentally leaked showing that Nintendo is going to be making a fifty dollar price slash off of the current Wii price. This will bring the cost of the Wii down to $199.

2. A Modern Warfare 2 themed Xbox 360 is announced (Wednesday, September 16). Infinity Ward announced the coming out of a new limited edition Modern Warfare 2 Xbox 360 bundle. Included in this bundle is a 250GB hard drive, two wireless controllers and of course, a copy of the Modern Warfare 2 game.

1. Australia bans Left 4 Dead 2 (Wednesday, September 16). This highly awaited game has been refused classification which prevents the title from being sold on shelves in Australia.


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