Guitar Hero 5 outsells The Beatles: Rock Band

Both The Beatles: Rock Band and Guitar Hero 5 were both recently released. Two music based games being released so close together leaves some people with a choice. Although The Beatles: Rock Band is having a great amount of sales, Activision says that The Fab Four is no match for Guitar Hero 5. Said by the Financial Times:

“Dan Rosensweig, head of the Guitar Hero division at Activision, told the Financial Times it had seen no impact from the heavily-marketed Beatles game. ‘It did not affect our sales’. He added that Guitar Hero outsold Rock Band by four to one in the US and nine to one in other markets.”

Last month, before the two games were released, it was predicted by analysts that Guitar Hero 5 would sell two times more than The Beatles: Rock Band. Considering this band is British, it would be expected that The Beatles: Rock Band would outsell Guitar Hero 5 in England, but that is wrong which definitely surprises me.

It is not yet completely confirmed whether Guitar Hero 5 is really outselling The Beatles: Rock Band. However, if it is true, will this similar trend continue?


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