New iPod Touch

In the previous week, Apple announced that there will be a new upcoming version of the iPod Touch. Not only will these new models have a higher storage capacity, but they will also be up to fifty percent faster than the previous iPod Touch. MacWorldran a couple of benchmarks that are for this claim. Dan Frake wrote for this site:

“For gamers, the more exciting improvement is that the 32GB and 64GB models are allegedly 50 percent faster than the second-generation models and include support for OpenGL ES 2.0, which provides advanced graphics capabilities to mobile devices. Just as the iPhone 3GS was faster than the iPhone 3G at everything, the new iPod touch feels much faster at any task you throw at it: applications launch (and quit) faster, Web pages load more quickly, processor-intensive games and programs perform better — you name it.”

The improved performance will be even more apparent as more OpenGL ES 2.0 games come out. Although the iPod Touch’s improvements will probably keep it on top as the best out of all media players, tough competition has arrived. Microsoft’s Zune HD is definitely going to be a hit. One thing that I think iPod Touch really needs to ensures its reign at the top is to have camera functionality. This would make it the ultimate media player.


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