Madden NFL 10

Madden fans are now able to add a couple more hours of Madden play each day. You do not need to be at home to play this game anymore because Madden NFL 10 is now available for the iPhone and the iPod Touch in the Apple App Store. This mobile version of the game still includes much of its authenticity with around 2,000 players from every single one of the 32 teams. One very familiar feature that will also be included in the mobile version of Madden 10 is the unique commentary from John Madden, Tom Hammond, Cris Collinsworth and more.

One unique feature that is new is that you will have the ability to make your own passing routes by drawing them out. Also, you will be able to better pick the right move for each situation by using slow-motion in the Action Control Time.

Another great thing is that if you receive a phone call or text message while playing the game, the game will pause right where you left off and when you are ready to continue playing it will be ready for you again.

This game is currently available for the sale price of $7.99. However, this price will not last for long because at 8:30 PM EST Thursday, it will cost $9.99.


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