The Beatles: Rock Band Review

The Beatles: Rock Band is a great idea for a game. As it is one of the most anticipated titles of the year, there is a great reason for that. Combining the one of the most popular bands from the twentieth century with one of the most popular music playing games creates for an all around good game. Abbie Heppe, from X-Play, got the opportunity to give this game a try. She noticed that this game had great visuals, a good track list and an incredible presentation of the band’s career trajectory. She gave a review about The Beatles: Rock Band. The following is just a snippet of the entire review. 

“The Beatles: Rock Band story mode spans the entire career of the band, starting from the Cavern Club and through Budokan, Abbey Road and Apple Records amongst others. Structurally, the game is brilliant. The fidelity to the Beatles transition from early shows and the clean cut boy-band image to the trippier, psychedelic later years is flawless and sublimely represented in the animation behind the note highway. It is the first time in any music game that the background frequently proves a distraction — and not in manner that detracts from the quality of the game. As you progress into “Here Comes the Sun” or “I Am The Walrus” there becomes the urge to just watch the game rather than play. It is beautiful and heartwarming and exactly the experience that the game should be.”

I am looking forward to the release of The Beatles: Rock Band which will be released on Wednesday, September 9th.


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