Spiders iPhone Game

If you liked the action game Deadly Creatures, the game introduced to the Wii earlier in the year, then I have a suggestion of a game you may love for you iPhone. Like Deadly Creatures, the iPhone game, Spider: The Secret of Bryce Manor, is of course a game filled with spiders. Besides the spiders, there is one other very unique feature. All of the art, which you will notice while playing the game, is hand drawn. The spider, bugs and background are all drawn out by hand. This adds a creative design to the game that you don’t usually see in other games.

One thing that has helped boost the amount of sales is the blogging about it by Harvey Smith. Harvey Smith, Arkane Studios designer, has been writing about Spider: The Secret of Bryce Manor since it was released a couple of months ago.

 This game uses the touch screen as you sweep your finger across it to make the spider move. The simple concept of the game is to trap the bugs you see on the screen in a web. You will quickly learn the best tricks and maneuvers along the way.

This game only cost $2.99. If you have been in search of a good iPhone game, then I strongly suggest you give Spider: The Secret of Bryce Manor a try. I can not imagine that you will not like it. It is a very unique game. Although you may think, “Eww spiders!” Well it may not look to be the most appealing game out there but a guarantee you will enjoy it.


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