NHL 2010 Demo

EA Sports has released a limited time demo for NHL 2010. Xbox 360 gamers with an Xbox Live Gold membership are able to access a limited amount of the actual gameplay. You can either play be a pro which I had no interest in trying, or part of game 7 of the Stanley Cup. I chose to play part of game 7 so that I could get access to the full experience of the game, and let me be the first to tell you that the game is as good as all of those trailers.

After completing the usual tutorial along with learning the new controls mainly board play you can advance to some actual gameplay. After getting used to the new skating sensitivity and the passing differences (along with letting up a goal), I proceeded to score three great goals that I don’t believe would have happened in ’09. Whether that’s a good thing or not, I’m not sure. It seems like shooting is the most improved part of the game so far. This is going to lead to high scoring games with lots of cheering and anger among the players.

The demo ends August 28th I believe. Make sure to take advantage of the demo before then if you’re still unsure about purchasing the game. The full version of the game is out on September 15th for those of you interested in buying the full feature game. It is definitely worth it if you didn’t have ’09, and even if you have ’09 I think the upgrades are significant to make it worth shelling out another $60 for a new game. What are your opinions on the game?


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