Activisions DJ Hero Coming Soon

The makers of Guitar Hero were looking for something new. They wanted to do something completely different. They created a game that gives everybody a newborn and creative way to experience music. The upcoming game they have created is DJ Hero. This game includes music from a great amount of different genres and artist. You will be able to relate to these tracks, which you will love.

The controller which you will use is called a “turntable controller”. You can spin and scratch just like a DJ would to over one hundred songs. The interesting controller includes tools similar to what an actual DJ would use today such as a fully-rotating turntable, samples button, effects dial, and cross fader. Add your own unique flavor to the songs to make them your own and become the life of the party. You can sample, scratch and blend different songs in order to express yourself. Another great feature is multiplayer. Two DJs can either battle against each other, or have one player add some style with a microphone. This game also includes DJ-guitar. There are exclusive mixes that can be with a Guitar Hero controller or with the turntable controller.

This game is meant to give music a fresher and more innovative way to experience music.


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