Star Wars Games to Wii

Star Wars and Nintendo are bringing some new games to the Nintendo Wii in the upcoming weeks. All of them, Star Wars based. A bunch of classic video games are being brought to the Nintendo Wii. You will be able to download them right on to your Wii if you’re connected to the internet on your Wii.

Today, Super Star Wars, which was a standalone on the Super Nintendo back in the day, became available for download. In the upcoming weeks both Super Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back and Super Star Wars: Return of the Jedi will also become available for you to download. Each of these were on the Super Nintendo consoles from years ago, and each will cost 800 Wii Points or $8.00. Personally, their choice of games to revive from the dead were rather poor. I mean, these three games were the only three games based off of the movies which caused both a known story line and a lack of freedom for developers who need to follow a script from a movie.


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