Gameloft Beats Madden to iPhone

Madden NFL is the most well know NFL video game franchise, because it’s the only one. After signing exclusivity rights to the NFL franchise back in 2005 (NFL 2k5 was the last non-Madden game), Madden has had no competition with their games that they have been allowed to slack and release games on their own schedule. With mobile devices slowly being made to handle games, it appears EA Sports made a mistake, they didn’t get rights to mobile devices as well. Possibly because there was no intention of making a mobile game in the future, or maybe they just didn’t see the mobile industry being this capable of playing a game.

Whatever the reason, it appears that Madden is not the only NFL game on a mobile device, in fact, it’s not even going to be the first one. Gameloft has released some of the first screenshots of their game, and I have to admit, it looks pretty solid. The graphics by no means compete with a console (unless we’re talking N64 here), but they are good enough for a mobile game. This iPhone game has been promised to be released before August comes to an end. Madden plans on releasing one as well, who knows when they will though. If you’re looking for a decent iPhone game, check this out. There has been no mention on pricing though.


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