Rockband 2 Track Pack

Rockband 2 has a whole bunch of new tracks from a few artists that you will be able to download this week in the Xbox Live Arcade. The gamers of Rockband 2 seem to have the advantage over those on Guitar Hero: World Tour as songs I told you about yesterday were a bit lacking these week. There are basically three different packs for you to choose from this week of course you can always buy all three. There is the Weezer Pack 02, Blink 182 Pack 01, and Kiss Pack 01. Each pack can be downloaded for the usual 440 Microsoft Points per pack or you can choose to pay 160 microsoft points per song. The last addition is a single song from Damone which you must purchase for 160 microsoft points as it’s not part of a pack of any sort just a solo released track. Here are the different packs and songs you will be seeing in the Arcade.

Weezer Pack 02

“My Name is Jonas”
“Pork and Beans”
“Undone – The Sweater Song”

Blink-182 Pack 01

“Feeling This”
“The Rock Show”

KISS Pack 01

“100,000 Years (Live)”
“Deuce (Live)”
“Parasite (Live)”

Damone – “Out Here All Night” (160 Microsoft points)

Clearly, the Rockband game has the better deal; at least for this week. Not only is there more to choose from, but you also get some more well known artists as well as more successful songs. The Rockband 2 Track Packs are definitely once again the better of the two games track packs. As I mentioned yesterday though, I’m a bit worried about both games competing themselves into the ground because of all these track packs. You can’t exactly reuse a song, and if they keep releasing so many track packs they’ll eventually run out of the quality music that made both franchises.


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