Playstation Home Additions

The Playstation Home is making some interesting new additions to your experience. The biggest of which is going to be a ten screen movie theater for you to watch. Is this suggesting that there is going to be some sort of addition where you are allowed to watch movies similar to netflix, possibly watch tv shows, or is it something else all together? It would be pretty cool to have semi-recent full feature movies in there, or even popular series re-runs such as Lost. This is Sonys official statement about the new additions, particularly the movie theater screens.

“The Movie Theater brings you ten times as much exciting content [including from the PS.Blog! -Jeff] with a brand-new 10-screen layout, a new lobby, and the ability to unlock rewards in select screening rooms. Be sure to check out the screening rooms often – you never know when one of them will be giving something away. Stay tuned for lots of exclusive new videos over the coming months, including the future possibility of full-length TV shows or movies, with new features debuting on a regular basis.”

What do you think? Are you at all interested in watching movies or television shows from your Playstaion Home? If it’s anything like Netflix, I sure wouldn’t use it. It’s a lot harder than simply watching them on your computer or just putting it in your list and receiving it within a few days. I think Sony should have tried something new or beat Microsoft to the radio idea.


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