Raise Fallout 3 Level Cap Again?

Raising the level cap from level 20 to level 30 ruined the game in some peoples opinions. The monsters in the game were built for characters with skills that were based off of the level 20 abilities. Raising the cap an extra fifty percent makes even the toughest opponents in the game seem a bit easy. While it makes the game easier, it also gives gamers a chance to work on some of the skills of the game that they hadn’t focused on throughout their time exploring the world.

While Bethseda has said that they do not wish to raise it any further as it would ruin the game, some gamers wonders if it would be a positive addition to the game. Just think how many additional hours would be logged on the game if they were to simply allow additional levels to be gained. In response to added pressure to release this in the newest DLC update they have said it would even further destroy the balance of the game and that users should simply restart the game and start it from a different aspect such as behaving or not.

Personally, they could do another update just so we can have fully maxed out guys. It won’t ruin the skill gap much more than it already has been and this way we could master some skills we just don’t use very often. Let’s see if any sort of update is included with the next DLC pack for the game. I can’t wait to get a level 40.


2 Responses to “Raise Fallout 3 Level Cap Again?”

  1. kira Says:

    well . to be honest . i think the cap to lvl 30 realy is a great thing . cause such DLCs like mothership zeta . are almost impossible to complete , i mean , i had trouble getting through there on level 27 . and besides . even without DLC we still have super mutant overlords , masters and Behemoths , i think the should rase the cap to 40 , cause with the number of locations and additional missions in fallout 3 , 30 levels is just not enough , i personaly completed all DLCs exept point lookout and im already a level 30 , thats just wrong by mine point of view

    • LTNKidd Says:

      I was just going off of others opinions as I’ve yet to reach the point where I need to download DLC as I’m still on the main quest.

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