Gears of War 2 DLC Released on Accident

Apparently, Thursday night Microsoft made a slight mistake with the Gears of War 2 DLC that wasn’t scheduled to release yet. It was placed into the Xbox Live Marketplace too early and under priced. The DLC expansion pack “All Fronts” was released without warning and unsuspecting gamers were able to jump on the opportunity and secure the download before it was pulled. The only problem was that the download was full of errors and unable to actually fully download the content seeing as it wasn’t prepared to be released yet. It took Epic Games quite some time to realize that the expansion pack had been released early by mistake. Eventually the download was pulled.

The scheduled release date is July 28th and this still remains the official release date for the game. The “All Fronts” pack is going to cost you 1,600 Microsoft Points, while the “Dark Corners” expansion is going to cost you 1,200 Microsoft Points. The content sounds promising, then again, didn’t Gears of War 2 in general sound promising? Sadly, I am a Gears of War die hard turned Gears of War 2 hater.


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