Sony Testing New Download Payment System

Sony is trying a new system for taking payments for games on the Playstation Network on a single game in Japan. You can download the game Trash Panic for only $1.00. There is a catch though. You only get to play the game three times before it prompts you for another $1.00. It’s kind of like mix between a demo and the full version of the game. If you don’t like it, you got to play the full game three times with all the features, but you don’t have to play anymore, nor feel obligated to play it because it only cost $1.00.

It reminds me a bit of the traditional arcade style game play. When you lose you have to insert more money. In this case, you can play all you want, but after you quit the game and go to the dashboard or turn off your Playstation 3 then you essentially “lost the game”. After doing this three times you need to insert more money to play again.

This is only a trial ordeal. It’s a system that’s been placed on one single game in a single country. It’s barely worth mentioning. If we see it being tried on several games or expanding past Japan we might have something to talk about. I personally, wouldn’t mind something like this if it was a mixed system. If you could either buy the full game, or continuing paying $1.00 every three times. I would simply try the game for $1.00 and if I liked it, buy the full game.


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